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Your Investment with the Modern Brides BFF

Every frame is a testament to the exquisite connection and cherished relationships that grace your celebration, ensuring your special day is forever draped in the finest memories.

YOU WANT AN UNPLUGGED CEREMONY: You and your guests can connect and live in the moment with you and your fiancee without having to be on their phones.

INSTANT TURNOVER: Unlimited gallery of raw footage of videos & images on an iPhone 14 Pro Max and delivered within 24 hours after your event (No need to wait for weeks, or even months!) via Dropbox.

ALTERNATIVE TO VIDEOGRAPHY: We know the cinematic style isn't for everyone, so opt for our wedding content creation services for video coverage on your day.

YOU WANT EVERYTHING CAPTURED!: A photographer and videographer isn't enough because you want your entire day captured. We don't disagree! The more, the merrier! 


The Answers You Need

A: Absolutely not! We are not a replacement photographer or videographer. It is very important to us that we focus on the point of view of a guest, so we stand out of the way and capture candid moments that you may have not known about or would have forgotten.

Our goal is to compliment them by showing the view of an outside third party - someone that was there to experience the day as well! That means careful placement of our equipment and staying out of the way while they work.

Q: Do you replace the photographers/videographers?

A: There are no wait times for the content we will be capturing as you would get it at least within 24 hours in comparison to professional photos which may take weeks. All images and videos (Both raw and edited) will be provided via a Google Drive or Dropbox link where you can pick and choose which pieces to download.

Q: How will we receive our photos?

A: Yes! Definitely! Travel fees are applied if we're going over 70km's from postcode 2759 in Sydney Australia or N7 9SQ in London UK, which is charged both ways. Destinations that exceed two hours driving time each way may require overnight accommodations. Please inquire.

Q: Are you willing to travel?

Whether you want a second content creator is entirely up to you. We shoot many of my weddings solo. The team are very comfortable and confident in our ability to capture most typical wedding days on our own. That being said, there are definitely advantages to having two perspectives.

Q: Do you bring a second photographer?

A: A 20% deposit & signed agreement is required in order to get your wedding on the calendar. The remainder of your balance is due two weeks prior to your wedding. As most couples tend to have their wedding on a Saturday these are the days that book out the quickest. 

Q: How Do I Book A Date?

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